Research Scientist
Mathematics Cluster
Information and Inference

Email: thomas.weiss(at)

Academic Background

Thomas Weiß studied mathematics and physics at the TU Munich. In 2016, he completed his PhD thesis on "Reflected Brownian Motions in the KPZ Universality Class". After some time as a risk manager in the financial sector, he completed another degree in electrical engineering sound engineering in Graz. The final thesis was written at ARI as part of the softpinna project on the use of non-rigid registration algorithms to improve photogrammetrically generated ear models.


Current Research

As part of the DRACMarkS project, Thomas Weiß is working on the analysis of thermographic images of manuscripts on handmade paper that reveal their physical paper structure. Among other things, he uses signal processing methods to enhance the images, extract features, and cluster and match the paper images. In addition, he is interested in stochastic signal processing, particularly the statistical properties of noise in the time-frequency domain.