The auditory system applies weights when combining binaural cues (interaural time difference, ITD, and interaural level difference, ILD) to determine the perceived azimuth of a sound source. This project studies the plasticity in this process, using a training paradigm based on visual reinforcement of one of the two cues. A series of subprojects explores the basic phenomenon, i.e. vision-based reweighting of ITD and ILD, the dependency on spectral region, the genealization of reweighting to untrained spectral regions, the connection between spectral-band reweighting and binaural-cue reweighting, and finally, the hypothesis that binaural reweighting may partly underlie the low perceptual contribution of ITD in cochlear implant listeners.

Publications (Journal Papers):

  • Klingel, M. and Laback, B. (2022). Binaural-cue Weighting and Training-Induced Reweighting Across Frequencies, Trends in Hearing 26.

  • Klingel and Laback (2022). Reweighting of Binaural Localization Cues in Bilateral Cochlear-Implant Listeners, Journal. Assoc. Res. Otolaryngology. 23, 119-136.

  • Klingel, M., Kopco, N., and Laback, B. (2021). Reweighting of Binaural Localization Cues Induced by Lateralization Training, Journal. Assoc. Res. Otolaryngology. 22, 551-566.


Duration: Jan 2018 to Dec. 2022


  • uni:docs fellowship program for doctoral candidates of the University of Vienna
  • OeAD, project SpaCI (#MULT_DR 11/2017)