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Academic Background

Anton Baotic studied biology with a focus in zoology at the University of Vienna, where he got a Master's degree in natural sciences in 2011 for his master's thesis entitled "Vocal communication in infant giant pandas" Since then, Anton has been organizing and teaching courses on 'animal behavior' and 'animal acoustic signals' as a lecturer. Anton continued his education at the Department of Behavioral and Cognitive Biology at the University of Vienna, where he received a Ph.D. in biology in 2018 for his dissertation titled "Describing and decoding low-frequency vocalizations in two species of large terrestrial mammal species”. In the same department, he continued his academic career as a postdoctoral researcher studying elephant acoustic communication and behavior. He relocated to the Acoustics Research Institute in 2021 in order to join the Musicality and Bioacoustics group, and to continue his research on animal acoustic communication.

Current Research

Anton Baotic has spent the last twelve years successfully managing and leading international zoo and wildlife research. Bioacoustics, animal behavior, and animal cognition are his core areas of expertise. His research interests primarily focus on vocal production mechanisms and acoustic communication in mammals, with an emphasis on determining the information content and biological importance of vocalizations based on their contextual and motivational occurrence.

His current FWF Stand-alone research project is a pioneering project that aims to investigate whether giraffes (1) use acoustic signals depending on context and motivation, and (2) obtain information about their acoustic environment to adjust their behavior in response to ecological changes by combining zoo- and field-based research.

Listen to (in German) Anton Baotic talking about acoustic communication of giraffes: "Letzte Rufe. Von Arten, die verschwinden: Giraffe", in: Deutschlandfunk, 15.12.2022 Link audiofile