PhD Student
Biology Cluster
Musicality and Bioacoustics

Tel. +43 1 51581-2559
Email: OliverTab.Bellmann(at)

Academic Background

Oliver Tab Bellmann graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Music Design at the State Conservatory of Music Trossingen, Germany. After that he studied Musicology at the University of Cologne, where he got his Master's degree in February 2023 for his master's thesis entitled "Cortical processing of timbre and timbre sequences: a dual-stream model". In October 2023, he moved to the Acoustics Research Institute as a PhD Student to join the Musicality and Bioacoustics group and to continue his research on timbre in communication systems of vocal learners.


Current Research

Oliver Tab Bellmann investigates in songbirds and humans, regarding the origins of music, how culture and biology interact in evolutionary terms during the development of organisms and the transmission of culture. In doing so, he focuses on timbre (also known as tone color, sound quality).