This project aims to develop an independent modulus for the wavelet analysis that contains a simple program interface and can be used flexibly.


The implementation was in C++ in the form of a wavelet analysis class and a signal queue. Features:

  • The Input/Output data format can be chosen at run time. The Input and the Output are separately configurable.
  • There are several possibilities for choosing the array and distribution of the frequency bin. The frequency bin vector can also be transferred.
  • Seven wavelets are implemented.
  • A down-sampling method can be used for the acceleration (factor: 1.2 convert frequency bins are chosen automatically).
  • Because of the disjunction in signal queue and analysis, an asynchrony Input/Output is possible.
  • Compiling an optimized numerical library can be achieved. Currently, the application of the "Intel® Signal Processing Library" (SPL) or of the "Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives" (IPP) is possible.
  • The signal queue class can be used independently of the analysis class. It also implements the down-sampling function.


The developed classes are used as a modulus in the acoustic measurement and analysis system PAK. The analysis class was also integrated as a signal processing atom WLLIB in STx.