Upon first investigation, the design of new outward-curved noise barriers has an improved noise-shielding effect if absorbing material is applied. Further investigation shall prove this ability. Numeric simulations and measurements are being processed.


Advanced boundary element methods (BEM) in two dimensions will prove the noise-shielding ability of the sound barrier. Different curvy and straight designs are compared to each other with respect to their shielding effect in the spectrum. Measurements at existing walls are processed and compared. Measurements are conducted without a noise barrier. A simulated softening affect of the noise barrier walls is used to simulate the noise signal behind the new barriers.


Calma Tec has patented the designs and will offer new designs in practice.

List of Deliverables

01. Traffic Noise Recording Plan. 02. Sound Data Storage, Retrieval and Spectrographic Description. 03. Descriptive Noise Statistics. 04. Pricipal Component Analysis. 05. Sound Barrier Mesh Models. 06. Simulation, Transfer Functions & Clustering. 07. Visualization. 08. Psychoacoustic Irrelevance. 09 Modulation Effects. 10. Subjective Preference Tests. 11. Conclusions