The ARI HRTF database contains high-resolution HRTFs of more than 250 subjects. Most subjects were measured using in-the-ear microphones, for a few others we used behind-the-ear microphones placed in hearing-aid devices. 1550 positions were measured for each listener including the full azimuthal-space (0° to 360°) and elevations from -30° to +80°. The frontal space has a resolution of 2.5° in the horizontal plane.

Detailed Description

Tools and Documentation

These tools and documentation may help you to interact with the HRTFs:


In-the-ear HRTFs, measured in ARI Semi-Anechoic Room

In-the-ear HRTFs, measured in ARI Loudspeaker Array Studio (LAS)

    Behind-the-ear HRTFs, measured in ARI Semi-Anechoic Room

    Anthropometric Data

    • Download Anthropometric data for 60 listeners from the database above as a .mat-file (Matlab).
    • All subjects from the Anthropometric database are also available in our acoustically measured database. The indices used in this database can be linked to indices from the ARI HRTF database when replacing the leading "3" by "NH". (Examples: Anthropometric ID 3002 = HRTF ID NH2; Anthropometric ID 3720 = HRTF ID NH720)
    • Please read the corresponding documentation readme.pdf before using the anthropometric database!