Our semi-anechoic room (6.2 m × 5.5 m × 2.96 m) is available for acoustic measurements and psychoacoustic experiments such as sound-localization experiments. It is the lab's largest booth suitable for research requiring much space. The equipment includes:

  • 22-loudspeaker array for HRTF measurement;
  • 64-channels microphone array for various recording approaches (beam forming, near-field holography);
  • VR setup: A virtual visual and acoustic environment controlled with a head tracker in real time;
  • Equiment for speech recordings for speaker identicication;
  • Nine spherical microphone array (ZM-1S, Zylia) intended to record spatial auditory scenes;
  • Acoustic camera (CAE Bionic L-112) consisting of 112 microphones, supported by an omnidirectional sound source (Omni 4-LT, ntec).