To the extent of your consent, you will receive general and/or personalised information individually tailored to your interests and news about scientific activities and programmes of ÖAW (e.g. information on events and research results of ÖAW). You will receive deliveries via the post or by email.

After registering for the ÖAW Newsletter or for the press release distribution list of ÖAW, you will regularly receive information on scientific activities and programmes of ÖAW. For ÖAW newsletters and press releases, ÖAW uses an email marketing tool in order to be able to send you relevant information. For this only, your name, your email address as well as your belonging to a company or an institution are processed.

You may withdraw your consent to receive mails and information at any time with effect for the future. The withdrawal of your consent does not affect the legality of processing on the basis of your consent prior to its withdrawal.


Consent on the basis of § 107, paragraph 1 of the Telecommunications Act read together with article 6, paragraph 1, letter a) of GDPR

You have the option of subscribing to different forms of newsletters or mailings (e.g. ÖAW Newsletter, press releases).

Depending on the extent of your consent declaration and the processing purpose contained in it, various personal data, such as your name, your email address as well as your belonging to a company or an institution may (if you have provided this information) be processed for advertising of ÖAW events.

If you have consented voluntarily and actively to receive mail and information, you will, for instance, receive up-to-date news and information about ÖAW activities and programmes.


For mail and information, if you have indicated these channels, your email address or your postal address are used.

Any forwarding of your data from your registration for the newsletter to third parties not belonging to ÖAW only occurs if this is required for fulfilling of mailing purposes.

Receiving our newsletter or rather mails and information can be cancelled at any time. You will find details on cancellation in every single newsletter or in your mail.


Storage period

Data you made available to us (e.g. for the newsletter), we store until you revoke your consent to do so.


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