Roland Feigl

(+43 1) 51581 – 2608


... works on the Austrian Biographical Encyclopedia. He was born in Vienna in 1961 and has been employed at the Austrian Biographical Encyclopedia since 1983. In 1983–84, he trained as a programmer and has been the computing manager for the Austrian Biographical Encyclopedia since 1990. Between 1992 and 1995, he completed an additional computing qualification at the ‘Fachakademie für angewandte Informatik’. Since 2002, he has been the budget manager at the Austrian Biographical Encyclopedia and collaborated on its online edition (concept, development, support) from 2003. He has worked on the ‘e-OeBL’ project since 2005 (project leader 2008–2013). Roland Feigl is the co-initiator of the European 'Biography Portal' and a member of its working group (since 2008). 2013-2019, he was budget manager for the Institute of Modern and Contemporary History.

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  • Feigl, Roland, and Christine Gruber. 2020. Das Projekt APIS und der ÖBL-Textkorpus in seiner digitalen Transformation. Herausforderungen für ein traditionelles biographisches Lexikon. In The Austrian Prosopographical Information System (APIS). Vom gedruckten Textkorpus zur Webapplikation für die Forschung, eds. C. Gruber, Kohlbacher, J., and Wandl-Vogt, E., 9-17. Wien: new academic press.