Martina Trognitz

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... studied Computational Linguistics and Classical Archaeology at the University of Heidelberg and is currently working on a PhD thesis on the ‘Computer-Based Analysis of Multi-Sided Minoan and Mycenean Seals’ which involves applying machine learning, clustering and social network analysis to an archaeological research question.

Before her time at the ACDH-CH, Martina was employed at the German Archaeological Institute (DAI) where she was involved in the project IANUS to build a digital archive for the archaeologies in Germany and developed the IT guidelines IT-Empfehlungen für den nachhaltigen Umgang mit digitalen Daten in den Altertumswissenschaften.

Additionally, she is interested in everything involving photography and 3D, including RTI photography, spherical panoramas, photogrammetry and 3D scanning.


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Publications (Before ACDH)

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