Participatory Technology Assessment

Simon JOSS und Sergio BELLUCCI, 2002

Since the early 1990s, an increasing number of citizens, stakeholders and user groups have become involved in assessing new scientific and technological developments. This involvement has taken various forms, including citizens' panels, scenario workshops, round tables and consensus conferences. The aim of such 'participatory technology assessment' is to provide advice to policy-makers and to encourage wider public debate about socio-technological developments.

This volume gives a comprehensive overview of recent developments in participatory technology assessment in a variety of european national and institutional contexts. It includes a research framework that provides a basis for both theoretical and practical analysis; contains studies of 16 participatory initiatives in Austria, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the United Kingdom; and offers in-depth, cross-country comparisons focusing on important issues such as the methodological design, political role and impact of participatory technology assessment.

This book is based on a two-year European Commission-funded research project (EUROPTA).

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