Prosopographie der Wiener Kaufmannschaft 1725-1758

Prosopography of the Viennese merchant class 1725-1758 

The FWF-funded project "Prosopographie der Wiener Kaufmannschaft 1725-1758" focuses on the systematic cataloguing of the first Viennese mercantile record (Wiener Stadt-und Landesarchiv, Bestand 2.3.2 - Merkantil- und Wechselgericht, 2.3.2.B6.1). This is a precursor to the commercial register and contains a complete list of merchants and their trading companies based in Vienna for the period from 1725 to 1758.  

In the project led by Peter Rauscher (University of Vienna), the persons named in the mercantile record will be integrated into the database of the "Donauhandel" project and a digital edition of this important source for the economic history of Vienna and the Danube region will be produced. 

The ACDH-CH is primarily responsible for the technical aspects of data modelling, curation and long-term archiving.


Project Duration

1 April 2021 ­– 31 March 2024



Peter Rauscher

Peter Andorfer


Partner Institution

Institute of Austrian Historical Research, University of Vienna



Austrian Science Fund (FWF)