Can we rethink the paradigms that have guided our observation, participation, and relationships with nature to date through artistic practice and art-inspired thinking and by increasing the use of emerging technologies?

The PROVIDEDH project (PROgressive VIsual DEcision-Making in Digital Humanities) aims to provide visual interactive tools that convey the degree of uncertainty of the datasets and computational models used behind, designed to progressively adapt the visualizations to incorporate the new, more complete or more accurate data. It aims to give DH scholars a space to explore and assess the completeness and evolution of the involved research objects, the degree of uncertainty that the models applied to the data incorporate, and to share their perspectives and insights to other stakeholders of society.

The ACDH-CH leads within this European project the division of citizen science and Open Innovation carried out at exploration space. Through this project we explore uncertainties in data visualization, and all the sources of uncertainty through interdisciplinary methodologies, art-practice base engagements as well as workshops and exhibitions. We push forward art driven innovation against a background of social innovation (SDGs) and experiment, how knowledge of the humanities might be applied in a real world context for the purpose of Good.