Datenerhebung zu einer Geschichte des Instituts für Musikwissenschaft der Universität Wien (MuVieHist)

The Institute of Musicology at the University of Vienna, founded in 1898, is not only one of the oldest musicological institutes in the world, but also one of the most renowned. It is therefore surprising that, although there has been a great deal of detailed research to date, there has been no comprehensive history of this institution.

This institute at the University of Vienna in particular occupies a special position due to its historical significance as the seat of the "Adler" chair as well as due to the unification of all sub-fields of the subject (historical, comparative and systematic musicology), which is only practised by a few institutes internationally.

However, it is not so much the institution itself that is to be the focus of the history to be written, but rather the people who have shaped this institution. While similar undertakings have so far focused mainly on the full professorships, the "invisible" figures who have made up the actual, everyday happenings will be brought to the fore here: starting with lecturers, associate professors, assistants, teaching assistants and administrative and library staff, right up to representatives of the study programmes.

Period of investigation: from the foundation in 1898 (including precursors since the establishment of a chair for the famous music critic Eduard Hanslick) to the last major university reform in 2002.

Project Objective:

Collection of material and digital processing of data on:

  • - Personalities,
  • - Courses offered/teaching events,
  • - students and graduates
  • - Qualification theses (by method, sub-discipline, gender distribution),
  • - Institute rooms
  • - Digitisation of audio-visual materials from the legacy of lecturers (Schenk, Wessely, Graf, Pass, Zagiba)

The project applied for here is intended to collect essential basic materials for a planned history of the Institute of Musicology at the University of Vienna (see: and to prepare them in a suitable form by means of lists, statistics and graphics.


Project Duration

1 December 2022 ­– 30 November 2023



Elisabeth Hilscher

Monika Jaros


Project partners

Stadt Wien, MA 7

Universität Wien, Institut für Musikwissenschaft