The Viennese avant-gardes of the 1950s and 1960s enjoy a superlative international reputation. Works from Viennese Actionism, the Vienna Group, or the Expanded Cinema are represented in the world’s most important collections of contemporary art. As yet, however, Austria has not had an institutional hub that corresponds to this resonance. The Atlas of the Viennese Avantgardes (AVA) will close this gap and establish an internationally networked digital hub for researching and disseminating knowledge about the Viennese avant-gardes.

A central feature of the online platform will be filmed interviews with the still-living proponents of the postwar avant-gardes. The AVA will offer an interested public as well as educational institutions an orientation and didactic materials, and it will create a space for the presentation of applicable research. Research and dissemination will be directed towards the question of what connections to the present and social benefits can be derived from the works and thoughts of the avant-gardes.


Ingo Börner

Project duration

June 2019 – 31 May 2021


Sabine Müller
Ingo Börner
Wolfgang Straub

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