Audiovisual Media
Wenzel Birck – Digital Edition of the works of the Viennese court organist
Johannes Brahms
Brahms Reception in Vienna, 1862–1902
Wiener Bruckner-Studien
Anton Bruckner Lexikon Online (ABLO)
Choirbooks in Digital Perspective
Choir books of the Franciscans
Flora et Germana
Johann Joseph Fux
Göttweig Music Archive
Music at the Courts of the House of Habsburg
Discourses on music at the Habsburg military border
Eduard Hanslick’s Criticism between Aesthetics, Journalism, and Scholarship
History of Musicology: Institutions, Networks, Topics, Methods
Images of Music for Austrian Music History
Gustav Mahler – Digital Catalog of Works
Gustav Mahler – Letters
Medieval Music Manuscripts in Austrian Libraries
The Austrian Encyclopedia of Music (oeml)
Pietro Pariati: A critical edition of Pariati's librettos
Resounding Research
Franz Schubert
Music and Musical Life at the Metropolitan and Cathedral Church of Saint Stephen in Vienna