Online, June 10 2021 (15.00-18.00) – June 11 2021 (9.15-13.30)

Prosopographical data modeling, Digital Habsburg Platform II

Prosopographical networks tell of people and events in their lives. Who, why and what we remember depends on the context in which we situate people and the questions we ask about their lives and legacy. This largely determines how the data on which the prosopographical research is based are modeled. We investigate the question of which factors play a role in the decisions about the formal representation of information, how modeling decisions influence, which aspects are recorded and which possibilities there are to merge information from several models.

On the first day (June 10, 2021) of this ACDH-CH Tool Gallery, we invite you to a Round Table giving insights into the fundamental considerations and challenges in the modeling of prosopographical data using two different project-specific data models. Matthias Schlögl, The Viennese Court. A prosopographical portal (VieCPro), and Daniel Jeller, Nuns and Monks - Prosopographical Interfaces (NAMPI), present their respective concepts and approaches and discuss them with Victor de Boer (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid) and Jouni Tuominen (University of Helsinki, Aalto University), experts in data modeling.

On the second day we offer you the opportunity to become active yourself. First, we will reflect on the concepts of data modeling from the previous day. Following this, you will learn about the use of so-called controlled vocabularies as the key to semantic interoperability and expand your understanding through practical exercises in data modeling and prosopographical data tagging. Here you will get to know the application APIS, which is used at the ACDH-CH for the management of prosopographical data.

This ACDH-CH Tool Gallery is also the second part of the “Digital Habsburg Platform” workshop
Digital Habsburg Platform – collaboratively tackling prosopographical data since 2020

Requirements for participation

Experience with prosopographical research is an advantage, no prior technical knowledge necessary



Matej Durčo, Daniel Jeller, Elisabeth Königshofer, Stephan Kurz, Matthias Schlögl, Daniel Schopper, Thomas Wallnig


Thursday, June 10

Register here – day  1


Round Table

15.00-15.10     Welcoming words (Alexandra Lenz, ACDH-CH)

15.10-15.30     General introduction to prosopographical modeling (Matej Durčo, Thomas Wallnig)

15.30-16.00     Nuns and Monks – Prosopographical Interfaces, NAMPI (Daniel Jeller)

16.00-16.30     The Viennese Court. A prosopographical portal, VieCPro (Matthias Schlögl)

16.30-16.45     Short break

16.45-17.15     Roundtable: Interoperability of prosopographical Data (Victor de Boer, Jouni Tuominen, Thomas Wallnig)

17.15-18.00     Open Forum Discussion (Moderation: Thomas Wallnig), end


Friday, 11 June


Hands-On Sessions

09:15-09:30     Welcome/ Wrapup from yesterday’s Round Table (plenary)

09:30-10:00     Introduction to semantic web terminology, general questions (plenary) 

10:00-10:15     Break

10:15–12:45    Work in groups (ontologies, controlled vocabularies, instances) 

12.45-13.30     Closing session (plenary), Update/Summary from groups

13.30                End


June 10 (15.00-18.00) – June 11 (9.15-13.30) 2021


Online via Zoom