ACDH part of newly launched Open Science Project SSHOC

Starting this year, the ACDH will contribute to a new international Open Science project funded by the European Commission.

The project “Social Sciences and Humanities Open Cloud” (SSHOC), which has just been approved for funding within the Horizon 2020 framework, is dedicated to strengthening infrastructural support for social sciences and humanities research in Europe. Over the course of three years, it will create an open cloud ecosystem, granting researchers in these disciplines free and open access to digital data and services from the social sciences and humanities. The project will also invest in an extensive outreach and training programme to allow potential users to find and make the most of the material and data provided.

The ACDH is one of 46 organizations set to participate in the project, which is coordinated by the Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives. The institute’s DARIAH work group will play a major role in the design and implementation of the SSHOC Open Marketplace Application, that is, the digital environment that users will be able to navigate to share and access SSH data. Furthermore, the ACDH will take the lead in developing training materials and online learning paths to ensure that the SSHOC infrastructure is equipped with a coherent set of organized training materials, allowing users to easily gain the necessary skill sets and expertise.

More information on SSHOC will soon be available via our website.
See also this press announcement on the launch of the project : APA-OTS Article



16 January 2019


Karlheinz Mörth


APA-OTS Article in german