Short Bio

Miyuki Nakasuka studied Buddhist Studies and Indology at Hiroshima University, where she received her MA in 2014 and her PhD in 2019. During her doctoral program, she undertook research on the apoha theory, the theory of universals of the Buddhist logico-epistemological tradition, on the basis of Dharmakīrti’s (7th century) Pramāṇavārttikasvavṛtti. Using philological-historical methods, Nakasuka analyzed Dharmakīrti’s apoha theory from its ontological and epistemological aspects. The study focused on the concepts of “apoha,” “vikalpaviṣaya,” “śabdārtha,” and “sāmānyalakṣaṇa.”

Nakasuka started working at the IKGA in December 2021 as a member of the FWF project “The first edition of the Pramāṇasammuccayaṭīkā’s apoha chapter in Sanskrit.”