Books displayed on this page can be downloaded in digital format and freely circulated. Please use the open access links. 


Books from the Beiträge zur Kultur- und Geistesgeschichte Asiens series

Patrick McAllister, Cristina Scherrer-Schaub, Helmut Krasser, ed., 2015
Cultural Flows across the Western Himalaya. (BKGA 83.) Wien: VÖAW, 2015 (download [open access] or order online).

Anne MacDonald, 2015
In Clear Words: The Prasannapadā, Chapter One. (BKGA 86.) Wien: VÖAW, 2015 (download [open access] or order online).
(Vol.I: Introduction, Manuscript Description, Sanskrit Text. Vol.II: Annotated Translation, Tibetan Text.)


Vincent Eltschinger, Helmut Krasser, John Taber, ed., 2012
Can the Veda speak? Dharmakīrti against Mīmāṃsā Exegetics and Vedic Authority. An Annotated Translation of PVSV 164,24–176,16. (BKGA 74.) Wien: VÖAW, 2012 (download [open access] or order online).

Helmut Krasser, Horst Lasic, Eli Franco, Birgit Kellner, ed., 2011
Religion and Logic in Buddhist Philosophical Analysis: Proceedings of the Fourth International Dharmakirti Conference Vienna, August 23-27, 2005. (BKGA 69.) Wien: VÖAW, 2011 (download [open access] or order online).

Gerhard Oberhammer, Marion Rastelli, ed., 2007
Studies in Hinduism IV: On the Mutual Influences and Relationship of Viśiṣṭādvaita Vedānta and Pāñcarātra. (BKGA 54.) Wien: VÖAW, 2007 (download [open access] or order online).

Susanne Formanek, 2005
Die „böse Alte“ in der japanischen Populärkultur der Edo-Zeit: Die Feindvalenz und ihr soziales Umfeld. (BKGA 47.) Wien: VÖAW, 2005 (download [open access] or order online).

Friedrich A. Bischoff, 2005
San tzu ching explicated: The classical initiation to classic Chinese couplet I to XI. (BKGA 45.) Wien: VÖAW, 2005 (download [open access] or order online).

Bernhard Scheid, 2001
Der Eine und Einzige Weg der Götter: Yoshida Kanetomo und die Erfindung des Shinto. (BKGA 38.) Wien: VÖAW, 2001 (download [open access] or order online).


Open access monographs by members of the IKGA, not published in the Beiträge series.

Horst Lasic, Xuezhu Li, ed., 2016 [2017]
Sanskrit manuscripts in China II: Proceedings of a panel at the 2012 Beijing Seminar on Tibetan Studies, August 1 to 5. Beijing: China Tibetology Publishing House, 2016 [2017] (download [open access]).

Elisa Freschi, Philipp André Maas, ed., 2017
Adaptive Reuse: Aspects of Creativity in South Asian Cultural History. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, 2017 (download [open access]).

Kurt Tropper, ed., 2014
Epigraphic Evidence in the Pre-Modern Buddhist World: Proceedings of the Eponymous Conference Held in Vienna, 14-15 Oct. 2011. (WSTB 85.) Wien: Arbeitskreis für tibetische und buddhistische Studien, Universität Wien, 2014 (download [open access] or order online)

Niels Gutschow, Axel Michaels, Charles Ramble, Ernst Steinkellner, ed., 2003
Sacred Landscape of the Himalaya: Proceedings of an International Conference at Heidelberg 22–27 May, 1998. (Veröffentlichungen zur Sozialanthropologie 4.) Wien: VÖAW, 2003 (download [open access] or order online).