Mag. Alexander Graf

Achtung: Diese Seite entspricht dem Informationsstand von 2017. Sie dient zur Dokumentation und wird nicht mehr aktualisiert.

Alexander Graf received an M.A. in Philosophy from the University of Vienna in 2009 and studied Buddhist Philosophy, as well as Tibetan language and grammar, in India and Nepal. He is currently a PhD candidate at Heidelberg University in the field of Transcultural Studies (Buddhist Studies). He is writing his thesis on Tibetan grammaticography and its relation to Sanskrit linguistic studies under the supervision of Birgit Kellner (IKGA) and Pieter Verhagen (Leiden University). The thesis focuses on the eighteenth-century Tibetan grammarian Si tu Paṇchen Chos kyi ’byung gnas and investigates Tibetan grammatical theory formation and the role of Sanskrit authority within the framework of Tibetan scholastic knowledge production.

Alexander Graf joined the IKGA in January 2017.