Short bio

Brigitte Pickl-Kolaczia joined the Institute in July 2017. She studied Japanese Studies at the University of Vienna and wrote her master's thesis on the restoration of imperial tombs in Japan in the second half of the 19th century shortly before the Meiji Restoration. Her research interests include the dynamics and interactions between Buddhism and Shintō. While her master's thesis examined the development of a state cult and the imperial family in the 19th century, the focus of her research has since shifted to questions regarding Japan's populace during the early modern period.


2017 "The Bunkyū Restoration: The Restoration of Imperial Tombs and Re-Design of Imperial Ancestor Worship." In Vienna Journal of East Asian Studies 9, 195–226.

Book chapter

2020 „Geschichte(n) aus erster Hand: Historische Forschung in japanischen Archiven.“ In: Christina Gmeinbauer, Sebastian Pollak-Rottmann, Florian Purkarthofer (eds.), Wiener Selektion japanologischer Methoden: Jahrgang 2020. Wien: Abteilung für Japanologie, Institut für Ostasienwissenschaften, Universität Wien, 165–178.