• VEGEST: Vienna Encoding Guidelines for Editing Sanskrit Texts (Birgit Kellner, Patrick McAllister):
    guidelines for TEI/XML editions of works produced in the tradition of Sanskrit literary culture
  • EAST: Epistemology and Argumentation in South Asia and Tibet (Birgit Kellner, Patrick McAllister, Pei-Lin Chiou): a bio-bibliographical resource on philosophical traditions engaged in theories of logic and reasoning in premodern South Asia and Tibet, with a current focus on South Asian Buddhist pramāṇa literature.
  • SRC: Sakya Research Centre (Mathias Fermer): 
    Web application for Tibetan historical and literary research, designed as an open online platform and reference system; the project is based on a corpus of machine-readable digital texts in Tibetan in a relational database. The resource has grown into a large repository of Tibetan digital texts, historical references, images and geo-data. Data is entered and processed by a group of Tibetan-language scholars and Western Tibetologists.
  • Tibetan Inscriptions (Kurt Tropper)
  • A Gateway to Early Tibetan Scholasticism (Pascale Hugon with Kazuo Kano)
  • Deutschsprachige Japan-Bibliographie, 1980–2000 (Bernhard Scheid):
    In Kooperation mit dem ACDH-ÖAW entstandene bibliographische Datenbank.  
  • Religion in Japan (Bernhard Scheid): Portal zu mehreren Projekten, die aus Lehrveranstaltungen an der Universität Wien entstanden und in erster Linie als Unterrichtsmaterialien konzipiert sind.