Mission Statement

  •  The general task of the Young Academy is to contribute to the OeAW in all of its fields of activity, e.g. in the scientific exchange with all members of the OeAW, in research units and beyond. The promotion of interdisciplinary research and the identification of innovative research topics are specific goals of the Young Academy.
  • In this respect, we regard excellence and internationalization as foundational pillars that have to be improved and anchored even more deeply in the Austrian research landscape.
  • We see ourselves as a think tank and idea supplier for political decision-makers and the general public in regard to scientific and socially relevant matters (climate change, stem cell research, etc.).
  •  We also see ourselves as the voice of up-and-coming scientists in regard to science policy and general social policy.
  • Our central goal is the modernization, internationalization and reformation of the OeAW through participation in the general assembly and other boards of the academy. We strive for dynamic research units and transparently controlled bodies based on objective criteria and independent international evaluations.
  •  We adhere to the principle of equal opportunity, which includes the advancement of women, gender mainstreaming and diversity management as well as the creation of work- and research conditions that also allow for "non-linear career paths" at a high international level. The compatibility of career and family responsibilities is a central issue for both men and women alike.
  • The Young Academy is especially concerned with sustainably improving the promotion of young scientists in Austria: Specific framework conditions and promotional programs should be created to enable young scientists to conduct self-reliant and autonomous research as early in their career as possible.
  • In the implementation of these goals, the Young Academy profits from the dynamic structure of its membership, which is based on continuous renewal of members and is aiming for broad representation of scientific disciplines. The absence of class divisions within the Young Academy fosters the dialogue between disciplines.