Board of directors of the Young Academy

The board of directors consists of five members and acts as the executive committee of the Young Academy. The members, who are elected annually, also function as delegates in the General Assembly of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. In addition to the board of directors, the Young Academy sends eleven more delegates and eight deputies to the General Assembly.

Members of the board of directors

Anna Artaker

Research Area: Fine Arts
Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

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In my work I analyze our perceptions of time, especially the role of images for our concepts and ideas of the past. As an artistic researcher I use the fine arts as a means to approach my objects of investigation. At the Young Academy, there are two attributes I very much appreciate about its members - being curious and being open-minded. These qualities are of great importance to our society too and I think they can be promoted by ensuring good working conditions for young researchers and scientists.

Stefan Freunberger

Research Area: Chemistry
Technical University Graz

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In my research, I work on electrochemically active materialsand reaction mechanisms during their use, for example in batteries. The Young Academy offers me opportunities to exchange with young, excellent researchers from different kinds of disciplines, which not only allows for expanding each other’s horizons, but also to put our own research areas in a broader perspective.  We also strive to advocate for the career prospects and equal opportunities of young researchers in Austria.

Katharina Rebay-Salisbury

Research Area: Prehistoric Archaeology

Institute for Oriental and European Archaeology (OREA), OeAW Vienna

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My research on motherhood in European prehistory touches on some topics that are also of great relevance today - the social value of pregnancy, birth and child-care and how gender-relations are negotiated in our every-day lives. Therefore I see it as my role at the Young Academy to increase gender equality and the compatibility of excellent research and family responsibilities. The Young Academy's interdisciplinary network allows us to advocate together for up-and-coming scientists and researchers as well as for good and stable working conditions in academia.

Dagmar Wöbken

Research Area: Biology
University of Vienna

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My research focuses on the diversity and functions of microorganisms in the environment, which are the major drivers of many global nutrient cycles on Earth. At the Young Academy, I enjoy the chance to interact with scientists of various disciplines, which allows insights into different research fields but also a new view on the own research. I further appreciate our efforts to support scientists in the early stage of their career.

Marie-Therese Wolfram

Research Area: Mathematics

RICAM OeAW / University of Warwick

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I work in Applied Mathematics, especially with mathematical equations describing the transport of large particle masses. The Young Academy gives me the opportunity to connect with a large number of young researchers with different academic backgrounds. It is also a platform to campaign together for young scientists and for better research conditions in Austria.