Assoz. Prof. Mag.

Hannes A. Fellner , MA PhD

Hannes A. Fellner

Member of the Young Academy since 2018




Research Areas:

  • Linguistics and Literature
  • General linguistics
  • Indo-European studies
  • Indology
  • Iranian studies
  • Comparative linguistics





Selected Memberships:

  • Senior Fellow der Österreichischen Gesellschaft für China Forschung
  • American Oriental Society
  • Linguistic Society of America
  • International Association of Sanskrit Studies
  • Indogermanische Gesellschaft
  • Wiener Sprachgesellschaft

Selected Prizes:

  • START Prize of Austrian Science Fund
  • Research Grant, Fondation Colette Caillat, Institut de France

Selected Publications:

  • Fellner, Hannes A.; Hill, Nathan W. (2019) Word families, allofams, and the comparative method. Cahiers de Linguistique Asie Orientale, Bd. 48 (2), S. 91-124.
  • Fellner, Hannes A.; Grestenberger, Laura (2016) The Greek and Latin verbal governing compounds in *-a- and their prehistory. In: Simmelkjaer Sandgaard Hansen, Bjarne et al. (Hrsg.), Etymology and the European Lexicon; Wiesbaden: Reichert, S. 135-149.
  • Fellner, Hannes A.; Malzahn, Melanie (2015) Lifting up the light: tläś and lkäś in Tocharian A. Tocharian and Indo-European studies, Bd. 16, S. 61-79.
  • Fellner, Hannes A. (2014) Tocharian Special Agents: The nt-Participles. Tocharian and Indo-European studies, Bd. 15, S. 53-67.
  • Fellner, Hannes A. (2014) PIE Feminine *-eh2 in Tocharian. In: Neri, Sergio; Schuhmann, Roland (Hrsg.), Studies on the Collective and Feminine in Indo-European from a Diachronic and Typological Perspective; Leiden/Boston: Brill, S. 7-21.