Die “Maimonides Lectures” consider the reciprocal relations between religions and the arts and humanities. In the spirit of the philosopher, doctor and scholar Moshe ben Maimon (Córdoba, 1135 – Cairo, 1204) the “Maimonides Lectures” examine Jewish, Islamic and Christian traditions.

The series is a joint venture by the OeAW and the following Abrahamic religious communities: the Old Catholic Church, the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, the Evangelical Church of the Augsburg and Helvetic Confessions, the Evangelical Methodist Church, the Greek Orthodox Church, the Islamic Community of Austria (Islamische Glaubensgemeinschaft Österrreichs), the Jewish Community of Vienna, the Coptic Orthodox Church, the Roman Catholic Church, the Romanian Orthodox Church, the Serbian Orthodox Church, the Syrian Orthodox Church, Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences, University College of Christian Churches for Teacher Education Vienna/Krems, and Koordinierungsausschuss für christlich-jüdische Zusammenarbeit. The series is also supported by the “Popter homines” Foundation and the Benedictine monastery of Admont.

Scientific conception: f.m. Hans-Dieter Klein and f.m. Patrizia Giampieri-Deutsch