Professor Dr. habil.

Natalia A. Zinovieva

Natalia A. Zinovieva

Corresponding Member of the Division of Mathematics and the Natural Sciences abroad since 2021




Research Areas:

  • Animal Breeding, Animal Production
  • Genomics
  • Animal breeding
  • Biodiversity research
  • Genetics





Selected Memberships:

  • True Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Selected Prizes:

  • Russian State Prize in the field of Science and Technology for Young scientists
  • Presidential Scholarships
  • Prize of the Russian Agricultural Academy for the best research project
  • V.K. Milovanov Gold medal of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Selected Publications:

  • Sermyagin A.A., Dotsev A.V., Gladyr E.A., Traspov A.A., Deniskova T.E., Kostjunina O.V., Reyer H., Wimmers K., Barbato M., Paronyan I.A., Plemyashov K.V., Sölkner J., Popov R.G., Brem G., Zinovieva N.A. Whole-genome SNP analysis elucidates the genetic structure of Russian cattle and its relationship with Eurasian taurine breeds. Genetics, Selection, Evolution, Bd. 2018 (50: 37).
  • Deniskova T.E., Dotsev A.V., Selionova M.I., Kunz E., Medugorac I., Reyer H., Wimmers K., Barbato M., Traspov A.A., Brem G., Zinovieva N.A. Population structure and genetic diversity of twenty-five Russian sheep breeds based on whole-genome genotyping. Genetics, Selection, Evolution, Bd. 2018 (50: 29).
  • Abdelmanova A.S., Kharzinova V.R., Volkova V.V., Mishina A.I., Dotsev A.V., Sermyagin A.A., Boronetskaya O.I., Petrikeeva L.V., Chinarov R.Yu., Brem G., Zinovieva N.A. Genetic diversity of the historical and modern populations of Russian cattle breeds revealed by microsatellite analysis. Genes, Bd. 11(8) (2020).
  • Upadhyay M., Hauser A., Kunz E., Krebs S., Blum H., Dotsev A., Okhlopkov I., Bagirov V., Brem G., Zinovieva N., Medugorac I. The first draft genome assembly of Snow sheep (Ovis nivicola). Genome Biology and Evolution, Bd. evaa124 (2020).
  • Zinovieva N.A.*, Dotsev A.V., Sermyagin A.A., Deniskova T.E., Abdelmanova A.S., Kharzinova V.R., Sölkner J., Reyer H., Wimmers K., Brem G. Selection signatures in two oldest Russian native cattle breeds revealed using high-density single nucleotide polymorphism analysis. PLoS One (15(11)).