emer. o. Prof. Dr. phil.

Ulrike Müller-Böker

Ulrike Müller-Böker

Corresponding Member of the Division of Humanities and the Social Sciences abroad since 2011

  • Geographisches Institut, Universität Zürich


Research Areas:

  • Human Geography, Regional Geography, Regional Planning
  • General sociology
  • Migration research
  • Social geography
  • Development cooperation





Selected Memberships:

  • Council of European Association of South-Asian Studies
  • Geographisch-Ethnographische Gesellschaft zu Zürich
  • UZH Alumni

Selected Prizes:

  • Transdisciplinarity award für das Projekt und die Ausstellung „Macht und Kraft der Bilder“
  • SAGUF team award

Selected Publications:

  • Poertner, E.; Junginger, M.; Müller-Böker, U. (2011) Migration in Far West Nepal. Intergenerational linkages between internal and international migration of rural-to-urban migrants. Critical Asian Studies, Bd. 43 (1), S. 23-47.
  • Kollmair, M.; Müller-Böker, U. (2000) Livelihood strategies and local perceptions of a new nature conservation project in Nepal. The Kanchenjunga Conservation Area Project. Mountain Research and Development, Bd. 20 (4), S. 324-331.
  • Müller-Böker, Ulrike (1999) The Chitawan Tharus in Southern Nepal. An Ethnoecological Approach. In Reihe: Nepal Research Centre Publications, 21; Stuttgart: Steiner (224 Seiten).
  • Müller-Böker, Ulrike (1991) Knowledge and evaluation of the environment in traditional societies of Nepal. Mountain Research and Development, Bd. 11 (2), S. 101-114.
  • Kern, A. & Müller-Böker, U. (2015): The middle space of migration: A case study on brokerage and recruitment agencies in Nepal. Geoforum, 65: 158-169. DOI: 10.1016/j.geoforum.2015.07.024.