Univ.-Prof. DI Dr. techn.

Georg Kresse

Georg Kresse

Full Member of the Division of Mathematics and the Natural Sciences since 2011

  • Computergestützte Materialphysik, Fakultät für Physik, Universität Wien


Research Areas:

  • Physics, Astronomy
  • Theoretical physics
  • Condensed matter
  • Quantum mechanics
  • Materials physics
  • Solid state physics



Selected Memberships:

  • International Academy of Quantum Molecular Science

Selected Prizes:

  • Erich Schmid-Preis der ÖAW
  • Ludwig-Boltzmann-Preis
  • START-Preis des Wissenschaftsfonds FWF
  • Hans G. A. Hellmann-Preis für Theoretische Chemie

Selected Publications:

  • Schimka, L.; Harl, J.; Stroppa, A.; Gruneis, A.; Marsman, M. et al. [..] (2010) Accurate surface and adsorption energies from many-body perturbation theory. Nature Materials, Bd. 9, S. 741-744.
  • Shishkin, M.; Marsman, M.; Kresse, G. (2007) Accurate quasiparticle spectra from self-consistent GW with vertex corrections. Physical Review Letters, Bd. 99, S. 246403.
  • Kresse, G.; Schmid, M.; Napetschnig, E.; Shishkin, M.; Köhler, L. et al. [..] (2005) Structure of the Ultrathin Auminum Oxide Film on NiAl(110). Science, Bd. 308, S. 1440.
  • Kresse, G.; Furthmüller, J. (1996) Efficient iterative schemes for ab initio total-energy calculations using a plane–wave basis set. Physical Review B, Bd. 54, S. 11169.
  • Jinnouchi, R.; Lahnsteiner J.; Karsai F.; Kresse G.; Bokdam M. (2019) Phase transitions of hybrid perovskites simulated by machine-learning force fields trained on-the-fly with Bayesian inference. Phys. Rev. Lett 122, S. 225701.