Prof. Dr. DI

Ingeborg Hochmair-Desoyer

Ingeborg Hochmair-Desoyer

CEO, CTO and Co-Founder of MED-EL GesmbH Innsbruck

Honorary Member of the Division of Mathematics and the Natural Sciences since 2018


Research Areas:

  • Medical Engineering
  • Biomedical engineering
  • Electro-medical engineering
  • Medical engineering
  • Prosthetics



Selected Memberships:

AAMI (American Association for Medical Instrumentation)

IEEE Senior Member

New York Academy of Sciences

Honorary member of the DGA (German Audiological Society)

Honorary member of the Austrian ENT Society

Selected Prizes:

2013 LaskerDeBakey Clinical Medical Research Award gem. mit Graeme Clark und Blake S. Wilson

2014 Ludwig-Wittgenstein-Preis

2015 Russ Prize der National Academy of Engineering, USA gemeinsam mit Erwin Hochmair

2016 Eduard-Rhein-Preis gemeinsam mit Blake S. Wilson und Erwin Hochmair

2018 Shambough Prize des Collegium ORL Amititiae Sacrum

Selected Publications:

  • Hochmair, I. (2013) The importance of being flexible. Nature Medicine, Bd. 19 (10), S. 1240-1244.
  • Hochmair, I.; Arnold, W.; Noop, P.; Jolly, C.; Müller, J. et al. [..] (2003) Deep electrode insertion in cochlear implants: apical morphology, electrodes and speech perception results. Acta Otolaryngologica, Bd. 123 (5), S. 612-617.
  • Helms, J.; Hochmair, I. et al. (1997) Evaluation of performance with the COMBI 40 Cochlear implant in adults: a multicentric clinical study. Journal for Oto-Rhino-Laryngology (ORL), Bd. 59, S. 23-35.
  • Desoyer, I.; Hochmair, E.; Stiglbrunner, H. K. (1985) Psychoacoustic temporal processing and speech understanding in cochlear implant patients. In: Schindler, R. A.; Merzenich, M. M. (Hrsg.), Cochlear Implant; New York: Raven Press, S. 291-304.
  • Desoyer, I.; Hochmair, E. (1977) Implantable eight-channel stimulator for the deaf., Proceedings of the European Solid State Circuits Conference (ESSCIRC) 77, S. 87-89.