László Erdös , Ph.D.

László Erdös

Corresponding Member of the Division of Mathematics and the Natural Sciences in Austria since 2015

  • Institute of Science and Technology Austria


Research Areas:

  • Mathematics
  • Analysis
  • Probability theory



Selected Memberships:

  • International Association of Mathematical Physics
  • Academia Europaea

Selected Prizes:

  • Géza Grünwald Commemorative Prize of the János Bolyai Mathematical Society
  • Aisenstadt Chair of the Centre de recherches mathématiques

Selected Publications:

  • Erdös, L.; Fournais, S.; Solovej, J. P. (2013) Stability and semiclassics in self-generated fields. Journal of the European Mathematical Society, Bd. 15, S. 2093-2113.
  • Erdös, L.; Yau, H.-T. (2012) Universality of local spectal statistics of random matrices. Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society, Bd. 49 (3), S. 377-414.
  • Erdös, L.; Schlein, B.; Yau, H.-T. (2011) Universality of random matrices and local relaxation flow. Inventiones Mathematicae, Bd. 185 (1), S. 75-119.
  • Erdös, L.; Schlein, B.; Yau, H.-T. (2010) Derivation of the Gross-Pitaevskii equation for the dynamics of Bose-Einstein condensate. Annals of Mathematics, Bd. 172 (1), S. 291-370.
  • Erdös, L.; Schein, B.; Yau, H.-T. (2008) Quantum diffusion of the random Schrödinger evolution in the scaling limit. Acta Mathematica, Bd. 200 (2), S. 211-277.