CLARIN Centre Vienna (CCV) is Austria’s main connection point to the European network of CLARIN centres. It is an Austrian contribution to CLARIN ERIC hosted by ACDH.

CCV’s primary mission is to provide easy and sustainable access to digital language resources and technology for researchers in the social sciences and humanities, as well as depositing services for language resources created in Austria. To this end, CCV hosts the Language Resources Portal (LRP), a repository dedicated to archiving and publishing various digital language resources.

LRP pursues a dual approach granting users direct access to the source data and access through customized user interfaces that offer advanced searching and browsing capabilities, thus allowing researchers to explore the published resources in a variety of ways.

If you have language resources, would like to share these with the scientific community (and/or the public), and want to make sure that the data will be around in the future, contact us. We offer archiving and online availability of the resources. If needed, we will assist you in converting data and metadata into required formats.