Online, 10 June 2020

The TEI guidelines: born to be open

Laurent Romary
Inria - National Institute for Research in Digital Science and Technology, Paris


TEI guidelines: born to be open

The first ACDH-CH lecture of 2020 took place online! We made the best of the situation and continued the series online this year with Laurent Romary, Inria (France), introducing us to the topic “TEI guidelines: born to be open”.

Open science has never been so high on the research agendas, and this is true in all fields, ranging from so-called hard sciences to the humanities. In this respect, those who have been dealing with the TEI guidelines for years, whether as users or designers of the standard, have experienced an environment which has always been open by construction and fostering openness for projects based upon its principles.

In the ACDH-CH lecture 6.1 Laurent Romary outlined the main issues related to open science in the current scholarly landscape, whether political or technical. The presentation has shown the various aspects where the TEI environment has been seminal in setting up an open agenda that may enlightened the humanities at large in terms of good practices, for, e.g., managing, documenting or disseminating scholarly sources and methods.


Laurent Romary is Directeur de Recherche at Inria (France), within the team ALMAnaCH, and former director general of the European infrastructure DARIAH. He carries out research on the modelling of semi-structured documents, with a specific emphasis on texts, lexica and linguistic resources. He has been active in standardization activities within ISO committee TC 37 and the Text Encoding Initiative. He has also been working since many years on the advancement of open access.



10 June 2020 – 16:00 CEST


Online via Zoom


Maria Wiederänders