The Take-Away Cultural Food Experience

4 October 2018: The Humanitarian Port Hackathon: Unite innovators, impact future, act today

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The Humanitarian Port Hackathon 2018: Unite innovators, impact future, act today

Exploration space against the phrase "unite innovators, impact future, act today" for the first time invites people with interest/background in humanities to join CERN The Port Humanitarian Hackathon for mutual learnings and societal benefit.
Food, its cultivation, preparation and consumption as well as the connected service, products and emotions are a cultural heritage. A variety of databases capture the importance and the different “flavors” of food but do not map the associated emotions. We aim at bridging this gap using augmented reality, embedded technologies and other digital means.
The goal is to co-design and co-develop a participatory knowledge experience by offering creative opportunities of knowledge exchange throughout society and independent of organisational boundaries. We aim to prototype a modular structure that enhances the analysis and understanding of knowledge systems, connecting food and its different cultures with experience that is accessible for the broader public and thus contributing to the SD Knowledge Platform and SDG17.



The Humanitarian Port Hackathon 2018


4 October 2018


CERN IdeaSquare
Route de Meyrin 385,
1217 Meyrin, Switzerland


Eveline Wandl-Vogt


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