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ACDH @ DH2019

ACDH researchers will be making several contributions to the programme at the DH2019 conference in Utrecht.

CC BY 2.0, Sebastiaan ter Burg

This year's annual conference of the Association of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO) will be taking place in Utrecht, Netherlands from 9-12 July 2019 and is dedicated to the theme Complexities. We are happy to announce that ACDH researchers are not only featured heavily in the pre-conference workshop programme - contributing to two full-day workshops on Monday, 8 July, and a half-day workshop on Tuesday, 9 of July, but will also be presenting papers during the main conference.

In connection to the PROVIDEDH project, Eveline Wandl-Vogt, Enric Senabre Hidalgo and Roberto Theron will be leading a full-day interactive workshop on “Complexity and Uncertainty in DH Projects”, exploring a co-design approach to data visualization. Making use of methods from Design Thinking, Open Innovation and Progressive Visualization, the workshop is dedicated to exploring the issue of epistemic uncertainty in DH scholarship and discussing various approaches to dealing with it in the specific context of data visualization. The workshop will take place on Monday 8 July, from 9-18. More info can be found on the ProvideDH website.

In the same timeslot, the ACDH’s Vanessa Hannesschläger will be joining Pawel Kamocki and Walter Scholger in guiding the workshop on “Copyright and Humanities Research”. Espousing a global perspective on the issue, the workshop invites contributors from across the globe to join the a discussion about the impact of copyright legislation on (digital humanitites) research, and to explore the pitfalls and benefits of the current situation, the development of legislation(s), as well as ways and means for researchers to navigate copyright law. You can find more information on the workshop webpage.

The following day, Tuesday 9 July (9-13), ACDH researchers Tanja Wissik and Ksenia Zaytseva are co-hosting the half-day workshop to “E-Lexicography Between Digital Humanities and Artificial Intelligence”, presented by the ELEXIS project. The workshop will explore “complexities in data, technologies and communities” in the context of the project’s aim of developing eLexicography infrastructures in Europe and linking lexicographic resources across individual languages with the help of digital technology. More info can be found on the ELEXIS webpage.

On Friday 12 July, the researchers from ACDH Core Unit 4 "Methods and Innovation" (Amelie Dorn, Eveline Wandl-Vogt, Thomas Palfinger) and their collaboration partners from the University of Salamanca (Roberto Theron, Alejandro Benito, Antonio Losada) and Dublin City University (Andy Way, Yalemisew Abgaz) will be presenting their paper "A Project Review Under The Focus Of Complexities On The Example Of ExploreAT!" in the early afternoon session at 2.00 pm.

The full conference programme is available via conftool.




Conference: 9-12 July 2019


Conference Location:
Tivoli Vredenburg, Utrecht, Netherlands


Eveline Wandl-Vogt
Vanessa Hannesschläger
Tanja Wissik


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