CLARIN-PLUS workshop: ‘Facilitating the Creation of National Consortia: Tools & Services’

The ACDH hosted the CLARIN-PLUS workshop ‘Facilitating the Creation of National Consortia: Tools & Services’ in Vienna on June 2-3 2016.

The ACDH hosted the CLARIN-PLUS workshop ‘Facilitating the Creation of National Consortia: Tools & Services’ in Vienna on June 2-3 2016. CLARIN-PLUS is dedicated to enhancing the CLARIN network by inviting members of established CLARIN institutions to speak to new members of the CLARIN infrastructure.

The goal of this workshop was—in line with the CLARIN-PLUS series Facilitating the Creation of National Consortia—to share experience and know-how about development and provision of tools and services between the national consortia and teams within the CLARIN community. Representatives from established consortia showcased the tools and services developed in the context of CLARIN—both basic infrastructure services and domain-specific NLP services. This gave the new consortia the opportunity to gain insights into the CLARIN ecosystem and showed them how their local/national situation can contribute to and profit from it. The workshop was meant as lively two-way exchange, therefore one session was dedicated to new consortia presenting their local solutions, allowing the CLARIN community to get to know the newcomers. Given the scope, the workshop was mainly oriented towards the (more technical) persons who are responsible for building up the national infrastructures, providing the tools and services. To ensure a sustainable effect, the findings of the workshop also served as input for a Guide on Tools & Services that was delivered within the Best Practice series of the CLARIN-PLUS project.


Thursday, 2 June 2016

13:0014:30 CLARIN + CLARIN PLUS: Introductory Panel

13:00 Karlheinz Mörth: Welcome

13:15 Lene Offersgaard: Facilitate Development of Tools and Services for National CLARIN Consortia, Including Lessons Learnt in CLARIN-DK

13:45 Dieter van Uytvanck: CLARIN’s Central Infrastructure

14:3015.00 Coffee Break 

15:0018:00 Service showcases from established infrastructures 

15:00 Matej Durco: ‘The Right Toolbox’

15:40 Marc Kemps-Snijders: Nederlab (Written Text Resources)

16:20 Florian Schiel: WebMAUS (Spoken Language Resources)

17:00 Discussion on methodical issuesbest practices in software development, standards, project management, provision of services (chair: Matej Durco) 

19:30 Social Dinner at ON Restaurant  


Friday, 3 June 2016

09:3012:30 Putting the + in CLARIN PLUS (chairs: Lene Offersgaard, Matej Durco) 

09:30 Franciska de Jong: Observations From a Newcomer

10:00 Coffee Break 

10:15 Local situation reports from new consortia, Patrice Bellot, Tomaž Erjavec, Francesca Frontini, Ondřej Košarko, Martin Matthiesen, John McCrae​, Leif-Jöran Olsson, Johann Petrak

12:00 Closing session - take away message, recommendations, final remarks

12:3013:30 Lunch

13:3015:00 Bazaar, informal exchange about approaches, solutions, possible collaborations


Lene Offersgaard: Facilitate development of tools and services for National CLARIN consortia and Lessons learnt in CLARIN-DK 

Dieter Van Uytvanck: CLARIN’s central infrastructure 

Matej Ďurčo: The right toolbox 

Marc Kemps-Snijders: Nederlab 

Florian Schiel: CLARIN Webservices (CLARIN Repos) 

Franciska de Jong: Observations from a newcomer 

Patrice Bellot: CLARIN FR 

Tomaž Erjavec, Cyprian Laskowski: CLARIN SI 

Francesca Frontini: CLARIN IT 

Ondřej Košarko: LINDAT/CLARIN CZ 

Martin Matthiesen: CLARIN FI 

Johann Petrak: CLARIN (in the) UK



2 June 2016 - 13:00 to 3 June 2016 - 15:00


Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities
Austrian Academy of Sciences
Wohllebengasse 12-14
1040 Vienna