One of the priorities of VLACH is the support of the dialectological diversity of the Romani language. The following activities and measures are being carried out during the first activity period of the VLACH commission (2016-2021):

incorporation of photo and video collections from Zagari community, Iran, provided by Ioana and Mehdi Aminian (2019)

  • field research among the Roma of Skopje, conducted by Zuzana Bodnárová (2017)
  • field research conducted by Rita Spanouli in Thessaly and on the Sporades islands (Greece)
  • cooperation with the University of Graz and the Macedonian Academy of Sciences in Skopje concerning the project "Romani Dialect mapping in North Macedonia". VLACH supported a pilot study (2018) to prepare the project application (2019).
  • cooperation with Mozes Heinschink concerning the Romani of Turkey
  • processing and editing of existing research material:
    • incorporation of audio, photo and video collections from different Roma communities in Greece, Hungary, Turkey and the Ukraine provided by Ioana Aminian, Zuzana Bodnárová, Iovanca Gaspar, Thede Kahl, Olia Kolomyyets, Andreea Pascaru and Rita Spanouli (2010-2020)
    • incorporation of a video collection about rare musical instruments played by Roma in Transsylvania, provided by Răzvan Roșu (2017)
    • production of video clips from the named collections for a broader public, including transcription, translation into English and scientific description
  • publication and popularization of audio tracks, photo collection and video clips within the VLACH Romani collection until 2021