One of the priorities of VLACH is the support of the dialectological diversity of the Bulgarian language. The following activities and measures are being carried out during the first activity period of the VLACH Commission (2016-2021):

  • field research conducted by Thede Kahl and Andreea Pascaru on Bulgarian varieties outside Bulgaria, including Banat Bulgarian (Romania, Serbia), Anatolian Bulgarian (Turkey), "Trakatrukika" (Thessaloniki, Kilkis, Komotini), Pomak in Greece and Turkey
  • processing and editing of existing research material:
    • incorporation of audio, photo and video collection on Bessarabian Bulgarian, conducted by Tanya Dimitrova, Thede Kahl, Anna Kuzmina and Ioana Aminian (2013)
    • editing and transcription of Walachian Bulgarian video and photo collection, provided by Thede Kahl (2013-2015)
    • editing and transcription of Banat Bulgarian video and photo collection, provided by Thede Kahl and Andreea Pascaru (2016-2018)
  • support of the translation of the "Little Prince" into Banat Bulgarian, translated by Ana-Maria Bodor Calapiș
  • presentation of the Banat Bulgarian translation of the "Little Prince" in Deta, Romania
  • cooperation with the Democritus University in Komotini about the collection made by Prof. Kristina Markova in different Pomak villages in Greece
  • publication and popularization of audio tracks, photo collection and video clips within the VLACH Bulgarian collection until 2021