One of the priorities of VLACH is the support of the Aromanian language. The following activities and measures are being carried out during the first activity period of the VLACH Commission (2016-2021):

  • interviews in Farsherot Aromanian (ʀămănέšti) as a less documented and expecially endangered variety
  • processing and editing of existing research material:
    • incorporation of an audio collection of Aromanian fairy tales provided by Dr. Kleanti Anovska (Institute of Folklore "Marko Cepenkov", Skopje)
    • incorporation of an audio collection of Aromanian from Thessaly (Greece) provided by Zoitsa Papazisi-Papatheodorou
    • incorporation of a video collection of "Farsherot" Aromanian in Athens and Toronto provided by Stefanos Tsiaraousis
    • incorporation of audio, photo and video collections provided by Thede Kahl, collected 1995-2020 from all Aromanian speaking regions, partially stored at LaZAR repository
    • incorporation of photo and video collections of ʀămănέšti variety from Southern Albania and Athens and of armîneášti variety from Pindos mountains, collected 2015-2017 by Andreea Pascaru, partially stored at LaZAR repository
  • production of video clips from the named collections for a broader public, including transcriptions, translations into English and scientific descriptions
  • publication and popularization of audio tracks, photo collection and video clips within the VLACH Aromanian collections until 2021