The project ‘Documentation of Mixe language and Culture’, financed by VLACH, was carried out in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico, by the linguist and documentarist Ana Kondic in two separate periods, between June-August 2018 and March-April 2019. As a result of this project, there is a collection of stories in three varieties of the Mixe language with audio and video recordings.

The fieldwork was done in close collaboration with the native speakers of Mixe who live in different communities in the Sierra Norte: Tlahuitoltepec, Ocotepec (municipality of Totontepec), and Cotzocon. The Cotzocon variety was entirely undocumented before. The texts in the book of narratives are written using the orthography presently accepted in the communities.

There are 17 varieties of the Mixe language (Wichmann 1995). During this project, native speakers of the following three varieties have contributed to the documentation:

  1. Mixe of Ocotepec (Totontepec), North Highland Mixe ISO 639-3 mto, Glottolog: toto1305
  2. Mixe of Tlahuitoltepec, South Highland Mixe ISO 639-3 mxp, Glottolog: tlah1239
  3. Mixe of Cotzocon, North Midland Mixe ISO 639-3 neq, Glottolog: north2939

Parts of the recordings will be published within the VLACH Mixe collection.