DI Dr.

Stefan Freunberger

Member of the Young Academy since 2017




Research Areas:

  • Chemistry
  • Electrochemistry
  • Materials chemistry
  • Physical chemistry
  • Polymer chemistry
  • Elektrochemie





Selected Memberships:

The Electrochemical Society
International Society of Electrochemistry
Alistore European Research Initiative

Selected Prizes:

European Research Council: ERC Starting Independent Researcher Grant 2014
La Chaire TOTAL de la Fondation Balard "Chimie et énergies durables" eingeladene Gastprofessur an der Université Montpellier, Frankreich
Styrian Promotion Award for Science and Research 2014
The Electrochemical Society: Energy Technology Division Supramaniam Srinivasan Young Investigator Award 2013.
EPSRC ‘Rising Star’ early career fellowship

Selected Publications:

  • Freunberger, S. A. (2017) True performance metrics in beyond lithium-ion batteries. Nature Energy, Bd. 2 (17091).
  • Mourad, E.; Coustan, L.; Lannelongue, P.; Zigah, D.; Mehdi, A. et al. [..] (2017) Biredox ionic liquids with solid-like redox density in the liquid state for high-energy supercapacitors. Nature Materials, Bd. 16, S. 446-453.
  • Mahne, N.; Schafzahl, B.; Leypold, C.; Leypold, M.; Grumm, S. et al. [..] (2017) Singlet oxygen generation as a main cause for parasitic reactions during cycling of aprotic lithium-oxygen batteries. Nature Energy, Bd. 2 (17036).
  • Chen, Y.; Freunberger, S. A.; Peng, Z.; Fontaine, O.; Bruce, P. G. (2013) Charging a Li-O2 battery using a redox mediator. Nature Chemistry, Bd. 5, S. 489.
  • Freunberger, S. A.; Chen, Y.; Peng, Z.; Griffin, J. M.; Hardwick, L. J. et al. [..] (2011) Reactions in the rechargeable lithium-O2 battery with alkyl carbonate electrolytes. Journal of the American Chemical Society, Bd. 133 (20), S. 8040-8047.