Project leader: Pei Wang

Co-Proposers: Jürgen Eckert, Parthiban Ramasamy & Wang Fang

In recent years, with the increasing maturity of laser melting technology, several amorphous alloys have been successfully prepared, and the scientific problems presented in the laser melting forming process of amorphous alloys have also received extensive attention. This project adopts the selective laser melting technology to study the CuZr-based amorphous composites. In this project the thermal stability of non-equilibrium solidification microstructure, the strengthening and toughening mechanism of alloys and the fracture mechanism will be analyzed.

The project comprises of following objectives:

  1. Composition design and powder preparation of CuZr-based amorphous alloy for SLM

  2. Study on forming law of SLM CuZr based amorphous alloy

  3. Investigating the effect of process parameters on microstructure and mechanical properties of SLM CuZr-based amorphous composites

  4. Fracture behavior analysis of SLM CuZr based amorphous composites