ASMEC Microindenter

The direct piezo driven (inherently displacement-controlled) module is designed to use as a micro loading device for the measurement of forces and displacements inside the SEM. With adaptable tip geometries different loading modes from compression over tension to cyclic bending can be realised and directly correlated to high resolution in situ SEM images for the correlative determination of Poisson’s ratio, surface strains or crack extensions, to name a few.

Transducer specifications:

  • Maximum displacement: ± 50 µm
  • Noise level displacement measurement: < 1 nm
  • Maximum force: ± 500 mN
  • Noise level force measurement: < 10µN
  • Travel range of the piezo actuator: > 100 µm
  • Maximum voltage of the piezo actuator: - 120 V to + 120 V

In situ compression experiment of a Cu single crystal

In situ tensile experiment of a nanocrystalline Fe-Cr alloy

Low cycle fatigue measurement of an ultra-fine grained Fe bending specimen