The Media Pluralism Monitor (MPM), part of the European Commission’s Digital Single Market strategy, is designed to identify potential risks for media pluralism in the EU Member States. After an initial study in 2009 and two pilot test implementations in 2014 and 2015, the European Parliament decided to support further European-wide studies, which have been carried out since 2016. According to President Ursula von der Leyen, the MPM should be used "to identify risks to plurality in the media sector", and to "propose cross-border projects to support independent and diverse journalistic activities”. The MPM is a key source of information for the European Commission, which relies on the findings to draw up its yearly Rule of Law Report.

Since 2014, CMC is the Austrian partner of MPM. 


Full reports:

Media Pluralism Monitor 2015

Media Pluralism Monitor 2016

Media Pluralism Monitor 2017

Media Pluralism Monitor 2019/20

Media Pluralism Monitor 2021

Media Pluralism Monitor 2022


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