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Medical topics are not only a major area of science communication but also make the headlines in the media far more frequently than other scientific topics. Accordingly, the media shapes the public perception of health topics to a high degree. Taking the popular newspaper Kronen-Zeitung as one of the daily newspapers with the highest reach worldwide as an example, this project examines how the amount and nature of media coverage of medical and health news have changed over time, and under which perspectives the most frequently addressed topics were covered. The project is partly based on a database by DOSSIER.

Considering the enormous impact of the COVID-19 crisis on public health as well as on public debate and democratic politics, additional research examines how the pandemic has (re-)shaped the relationship between media and politics, journalistic working routines, and news content at a European level and across national media, local and community journalism.


Fallstudie „Polarisierung in Medien und Öffentlichkeit“, Teil 1, Gabriele Melischek und Josef Seethaler (2023). Mediale Kommunikation während der COVID-19-Pandemie: Ein Scoping Review – Zitierte Studien

Open Access: "Medizin in Wien nach 1945: Strukturen, Aushandlungsprozesse, Reflexionen", hrsg. von Birgit Nemec, Hans-Georg Hofer, Felicitas Seebacher & Wolfgang Schütz

Codebuch "Die Medizin in den Schlagzeilen der Kronen Zeitung" [Codebook "Medical News in the Headlines of the Kronen Zeitung"]

"Schau in die 'Krone'!" The headlines of the Kronen Zeitung - interactive

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