Social Insurance in Austria

The Austrian social security system includes several compulsory forms of insurance, including health insurance, for persons living in Austria who have taken up an occupation. They provide financial security in the event of illness, accident, unemployment and after retirement. In addition, anyone who wishes to do so may purchase additional insurance cover, e.g. by taking out a supplemental private health insurance policy.

Employees are automatically covered by health, accident and pension and unemployment insurance. The employer is responsible for registering the employee with the relevant social security fund and cover commences on the date the employee starts to work. Social security contributions are directly deducted from wages or salaries by the employer.

Statutory health insurance provides free medical treatment by physicians and hospitals in the event of illness.



The e-card is your personal key to Austria's healthcare system. You will receive your e-card from your health insurance provider. A yearly card fee (for 2021: EUR 12.30) will be deducted from your net salary once a year in November.

The e-card is an electronic insurance card in bank card format that contains all personal details which are of relevance to the insurance provider. You must therefore take it with you whenever you visit a doctor or go for treatment at a healthcare facility. Additionally, many healthcare providers require you to present a photo ID together with your e-card to prevent abuse. The card also entitles the holder to additional services such as Mother-Child Pass Examinations (for pregnant women and small children up to age 5) or screenings. The e-card also serves as a European Health Insurance Card and entitles the owner to free treatment at all state healthcare facilities throughout the EU. If your e-card is lost, stolen or damaged, please contact the service line of the Austrian social security funds by calling +43 1 (0)50124 33 11 (charged at the local call rate; no additional area code required from within Austria) and request a new e-card. The old e-card will then be cancelled for social security purposes. For more information about the e-card:

Issuing of your e-card

Issuing of your e-card

Please be aware that since 1 January 2020 all new e-cards include a photo of the holder due to legislative changes.

Normally your e-card will be issued and sent to you automatically after registration by your employer with the responsible social security fund - PROVIDED THAT

  • a photo of you is available (from an Austrian passport, an Austrian identity card, an Austrian driving licence in credit-card format or, e.g., from a residence permit in the case of foreign nationals)

If no photo is available, no new e-card will be issued.

If you do not know your social security number, ask your social insurance institution for it.

If you do not have an Austrian passport, an Austrian identity card, an Austrian driving licence in credit-card format or a document issued by the register of foreign nationals, you have to submit a photo. For this purpose, please contact registration authority responsible for you:

               registration authorities

For further information please contact the E-card service line at:

In the event you need to consult a doctor for medical treatment before you have received the e-card, the “Österreichische Gesundheitskasse” can issue a limited substitute document.