Natasha Ayers


FG »Archäologie in Ägypten und Sudan«


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Standort: Hollandstraße 11–13, 5. Stock | 1020 Wien


Natasha is an archaeologist specializing in Egyptian archaeology and material culture studies. She earned a PhD in Egyptian Archaeology from the University of Chicago (Honors 2017) for a dissertation titled »Cultural Change in Upper Egypt from the late Middle Kingdom through the Second Intermediate Period: A New Analysis of the Ceramic Material«. Before joining the FWF START Project »Beyond Politics: Material Culture in Second Intermediate Period Egypt and Nubia« as a postdoctoral researcher at the beginning of 2019, Natasha was a lecturer and course creator at Chicago’s Oriental Institute (2018). She was also a writing teacher and co-instructor for undergraduate Humanities courses at the University of Chicago (2013–2017), and responsible for training graduate students in archaeological illustration (2009–2018).

Natasha has over 12 years of experience working on excavations in Egypt and she is the ceramicist for Middle Kingdom through New Kingdom Egyptian pottery at Tell Edfu, Egypt. She has worked in collaboration with numerous museum projects at the Oriental Institute and The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.


    • »Communities Reassembled - Rethinking Identity in Ancient Egypt«


    • Egypt and Nubia in the second millennium BC
    • Material culture studies
    • Settlement archaeology
    • Aegean-Egyptian interactions in the Middle and Late Bronze Ages
    • Ceramic analysis as a tool for building relative chronologies