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Clare is an archaeologist specialising in the examination of ceramic technology and consumption practices in prehistory with a particular focus on interdisciplinary and diachronic perspectives. In addition to her PhD from the University of Sheffield, UK (2017), Clare also holds an MSc degree in Archaeomaterials from the University of Sheffield, UK (2005–2006), an MA in Professional Archaeological Practice, University of Leicester, UK (2004–2005), and a BSc in Archaeology, University of Leicester, UK (2001–2004).
As part of her PhD research Clare undertook one of the largest interdisciplinary examinations of Early Bronze Age ceramic production and consumption in the North East Peloponnese of mainland Greece, and has been a ceramic analyst for ‘Local production and External Contacts of the Central Peloponnese: Scientific Analyses of the Bronze Age Pottery from Phenoes (Archadia)’ (2016–2019), ‘Midea, a settlement in the Argolid, from the Late Neolithic to Middle Bronze Age Periods (Upper Acropolis, Trenches A-Aa)’ (2011–2015) and for ‘Ceramic Production and Consumption in Early Helladic Korinthia’ (2010–2012). Since joining OREA, Clare has been involved with projects examining pottery production and technology for Neolithic ceramics from Turkey and Serbia, and Bronze Age ceramics from Bulgaria and Croatia.
In addition to her laboratory-based expertise, Clare has extensive experience as a field archaeologist, having worked in commercial archaeology in the UK, and has provided undergraduate and masters teaching (2009–2010, 2016), as well as teaching introductory petrography training courses at the University of Sheffield (2016, 2017).


    • Interdisciplinary approaches to archaeological material culture and technology
    • Using laboratory based scientific techniques to investigate ceramic production and consumption, specializing in petrography and SEM analysis
    • The diachronic and spatial development of Neolithic and Bronze Age society, pottery technology and consumption practices in Greece and the Balkans
    • The relationship between pottery technology, distribution trends and vessel use/diet in prehistory
    • The impact of socio-economic, political and cultural circumstances on learning and undertaking craft in ancient and modern contexts



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